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If you can’t casually switch from talkin bout random nasty shit with your friends
to politics
then to school
then to nasty shit
then to spirituality
then to life
then to food
and back to nasty shit…

U ain’t there yet.


Screen shots from Lupita’s photo shoot for People magazine. I want to see the actual editorial.

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When you’re fully aware of how many people do care about you but still feel lonely 90% of the time


#RespectMeOrGetGone #IaintAboutThatLifeDotComPeriod

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This could be us but you playin’ 

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theres this white girl in my school who is white as fuck like she reflects more light than the fucking moon. and i was ranting and raving about racist idiots in my class who believe in reverse racism n this bitch like "no it does exist you're gonna hate me for this but i have a life example. one time i was walking home and this group of black guys tried to make me say racist things." i shut her ass fast i told her what you just said makes u racist in the end so??? wtf r white people????

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Reflects more light then the damn moon





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White people stay talking about deporting immigrants but i havent seen the Native Americans deport their ass yet. also when you bring up the fact that this isnt their land and how they stole it, they just say its not stealing; its imperalism or some shit like that. i had a conversation with a guy who said its perfectly okay for him to smoke pot in a state that finds it illegal but if he finds out someone is "illegal" then he believes they are breaking the law and they should be arrested.



The thing that really gets me is that these special angry saltines are claiming that their actions are reactionary and that they were never offensive/oppressive/dismissive to us BEFORE we collectively stepped the fuck up and said NAH NO MORE NOT TODAY NOT EVER AGAIN. And they truly believe our anger comes from NOWHERE and we have NO REASON for our feelings. Also, for some reason they think it's only black people, like our asian, latin@, and native brothers and sisters aren't standing with us.



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